Why Your Dog Will Love Being in Doggy Daycare This Summer

Ah, another summer in NZ – BBQs, beaches, and plenty of hot sunny days. While this might sound like a dream to you and me, our four-legged friends often find these hot days stuck inside boring and uncomfortable.

But your dog doesn’t have to suffer through the season! Here’s why All Seasons Pet Resort’s doggy daycare in South Auckland will keep your pup happy and healthy this summer.

Your dog will get plenty of exercise

In summer, it can be hard to find the time to walk your dog. It’s too hot during the day, we’re out at the beach on the weekends, and we’re spending evenings with friends and family enjoying the warmth and fresh air.

But your pup still needs exercise – and doggy daycare might be the perfect solution. At our dog boarding kennels, your dog will be busy running around and playing all day long. They’ll get the exercise they needs to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Making friends isn’t just for humans

Dogs are social beings, always looking for a new friend to run around and play with. At doggy daycare, dogs get the chance to spend time with a whole lot of other dogs. They’ll fill their socialisation bucket and come home feeling fulfilled.

And if your pup is more into humans than other canines, All Seasons Pet Resort keeps our ratios at one staff member to three dogs, so you know your pup is always getting plenty of care and attention.

Get the summer groom done and dusted

Summer is a good time to give your four-legged friend a decent haircut, getting rid of any excess fur making them hot and prickly in the Auckland heat. Sending your dog to doggy daycare is a great way to kill several birds with one stone – get their exercise and socialisation needs met, while also giving them a much-needed groom.

You’ll have peace of mind

Whether you’re worried about your dog’s barking, boredom, or anxiety, when your pup is at doggy daycare you can rest assured that all their needs are being met. Barking – not a problem here! Boredom – impossible! Anxiety – our experienced doggy daycare teachers keep an eye out for every dog, we always know who needs an extra cuddle, a little quiet time, or a game of fetch.

Looking for doggy daycare in South Auckland?

Daycare is the perfect way for your pup to spend his or her summer days. For doggy daycare services in South Auckland, speak to the team at All Seasons Pet Resort today.

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