Discipline Key to Dog Obedience

If you have a puppy or a full-grown dog as your companion then you are already aware on the importance of disciplining your dog to ensure obedience. Nothing is worse that taking your four-legged friend to the local park, unleashing and watching your pup run off into the distance, ignoring your calls to return. Dog obedience for the benefit of your dog and yourself is important to ensure a happy and healthy life for the both of you. 

An obedient dog will be allowed to venture out of the house for daily walks or visits to the park and beach. The trained dog will play well with other dogs and return to your calls. The untrained dog in these situations leads to panic and fear in the owners and the dogs themselves and often this fear from the owner’s leads to the dog being locked in the dog kennel at home. Dog obedience should not be feared but embraced by your family; a happy dog is a happy family. Training your dog need not be a chore, but rather a rewarding experience that benefits yourself and the animal. Taking your dog to training not only ensures a better life for your family, but also allows for more interaction with other dogs. Should your dog be untrained then the likelihood of being able to leave your dog at a doggy day care becomes much more unlikely. 

Doggy daycares should be considered a vacation for your dog, a few hours away from the family home whilst you're at work gives time for your dog to socialise and interact with other dogs, rather than being locked in a kennel all day. In busy cities such as Auckland dog owners often struggle to find the time to take the dog out of the house and to a park or a beach for exercise and stimulation. In this situation dog owners who have trained their dog to be obedient can take their dogs to a dog day care, whether it be a day or two, or the whole week, your dog will be able to socialise, run about and have fun with other dogs while you work. 

Again, the untrained dog would not work well in a situation that requires dog obedience, such as a doggy day care.

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