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Moving overseas? Bring your cat or dog along for the adventure! When relocating to a foreign culture, most families find it that bit easier to adjust with a familiar friend close to hand. Pet travel abroad is made easy by our experienced team.

New Zealand’s most reliable pet transport company

Pets are part of the family and our family unit is not complete until our pets, whether they woof, meow, chirp, slither or even swim are back together with us.

The good news for anyone who has the need to relocate a pet whether that be within New Zealand or anywhere around the world is that Dogtainers can offer you a tailored solution for your pet’s travel.  

With experience spanning over 40 years Dogtainers is able to provide specialised service to ensure your pet is transported safely and comfortably. With New Zealand’s largest locally owned and operated pet travel network we have specialised pet travel consultants located in every state plus the Northern Territory ready to discuss your unique circumstances. In the meantime, we invite you to explore our site and gain a greater understanding of what we offer plus the pet travel industry in general.

We look forward to being of assistance and providing you with the one of the most important services you will ever need to consider, moving the pets in your life.

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