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How much exercise time will my dog get?

We aim to provide as much free time as we can for your dog. We run our guests out early in the morning and while they are at play we clean through their kennels, make up there beds and get breakfast ready.  All guests return to the kennels for breakfast after a 90 minute play. The afternoon brings much the same routine only an extended 120 minute play for those active dogs and as much as the older dogs can comfortably handle.

The more exercise our guests have the better behaved they are so it makes sense for us to provide plenty of entertainment.

My cat has to have a special diet and medication twice daily. Is this going to be a problem?

No, not at all. We are quite happy to provide any pets with special dietary requirements, there own unit,  their own food and administer any prescribed medicine as per Veterinary instructions. You can still go on holiday knowing your pets will get the right diet and attention it needs every single day.

What if my pet needs Veterinary attention

We have an excellent and highly reliable local Veterinary on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We will get the best service available for any of our guests should the occasion arise. In the event of an emergency during public holidays we are within 15 minutes of the Manukau Emergency Vets who operate during these times.

Can we come along and see the facility before we book?

Absolutely. 7 days a week between 2 and 3pm outside of public and school holidays. We welcome anyone that feels it necessary to come and see where their pet(s) are going to be staying while they are away and meet the staff that are going to be caring for them. We do not need to meet your pet(s) before you bring them along to stay.

Our pets have never been away from home. Will they be alright?

Absolutely. We have highly trained and motivated staff who are always checking to see that everyone is happy, healthy and comfortable. If  there was to be a problem we would contact you straight away to let you know. And sure, if you want to call us to see how your beloved pet is getting on we would love to hear from you to give you an update!

My dog is really nervous - how will it settle in?

We screen all our guests for temperament and social behaviour when they arrive.  Sometimes it takes another dog with confidence and a great nature to let a nervous dog 'come out of its shell' so to speak. On most occasions we find that a nervous dog is a dog lacking in confidence so once we help build their confidence around other dogs they actually look forward to playing with the others. We take great pride and satisfaction in meeting a dog that is unwilling and nervous, getting through the trouble points and restoring that confidence so they too can have a good time while in our care. We are also sensitive to the fact that there are some dogs out there who have unfortunately had a bad start in life and need their own space.

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