Growth in Dog Ownership a Boost for Doggy Daycare Providers

As more and more New Zealand couples opt to stay childless, dog ownership is getting a boost and so too is the pet industry and the world of doggy daycare providers.

Pets are becoming surrogate children, central to their pet parents' lives. Pampered pooches can enjoy yoga classes, go on holidays and be lavished with designer clothes but it's the more 'practical gift' of a regular slot at doggy daycare that is really booming.

Pets may not be human but they are still a big responsibility. Owners are recognising we must ensure our dogs are being stimulated both physically and mentally and given opportunities to interact with one another.

And in a way, the provision of these sorts of services is also just as much for the owners so they can know their doggy children are happy and safe even when they can't be there.

Alex Walker, co-founder and surgeon from The Veterinary Specialist Group, says studies show the attachment people have with animals is the same as you have with a child. "But an animal is always an infant. Kids grow up and your attachment to a child changes, but a dog or cat is always dependent and stays like that its whole life," says Walker.

At All seasons Pet Resort in Auckland, our four pawed clients can enjoy some great doggy daycare packages like our dog grooming service. We also ensure that we get to know our dogs with some one-on-one time before deciding which other dogs will make the best playmates for them. We understand the bond between an owner and their dog so we aim to look after both you and your pet with the very best doggy daycare service in Auckland. 

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