Things to Consider When Building a Dog Kennel

One of the first things to consider at the time of picking up a new dog is a place for it to sleep. Whilst several dogs enjoy the luxury of being able to sleep inside on a rug or even on the owner’s bed, the majority of dogs will need a kennel for outside.

When it comes to building a dog kennel, it’s important that it provides your dog with the protection from the outside elements and also has sufficient space to ensure its comfort. The key is to build one that is easy to maintain and is long-lasting.

The best dog kennels have roofs that can be removed for cleaning purposes and have feet to ensure it isn’t vulnerable to ground moisture and also provides cool air to flow in during hot summer nights. As far as dog kennels are concerned, there is no one size fits all. So establish how big your pooch is likely to become and build a kennel that is big enough to be comfortable but not too big that it will be cold at night.

Building a dog kennel will cost as much as the materials you decide on and the time required to construct it. A kennel for your do will need the interior section as well as an attached larger caged area for it to relax in when it pleases.

Before you decide on your dog kennel of choice and begin construction you’ll need to allocate a location for it. Make sure it’s not too exposed to wind and direct sun as these may bother your dog. Also select a spot that is flat as possible as this will prevent unwanted puddles from heavy rain fall. You might also like to situate it close to the door of your house so that it can easily access the house. It’s also worth thinking about those that are likely to be affected by its position. Neighbours really don’t enjoy dogs that bark a lot.

Flooring is an important part of the dog kennel. Most people use concrete or steel as this is less likely to absorb faeces and urine than wood or plastic. Wood can also splinter over time and cause injuries to your dog. Make sure that you slope the floor slightly to allow for drainage. Be sure to deal with the run-off from the kennel as well as you don’t want it entering the water source or your neighbour’s section.

The final thing to consider is the kennel’s security. Make sure your dog can not escape. This might mean buying slightly more expensive materials.

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