How To Stop Your Dog From Digging Holes

So your are sick and tired of coming home to find the garden has once again been the target of your canine companion while you were out.

Well there are a few things you can do to stop this from happening, like constructing their own sandbox to dig in and encourage them to dig there and NOT anywhere else. You can even encourage them by burying toys in it and then rewarding them when they find them. Or you could invest hundreds of $$ on fancy toys in an effort to keep them occupied for the day.

The best solution to this problem by far is that 'tired dogs don't dig'. A good amount of exercise will leave your dog calm and settled and is almost guaranteed to work.

But as most of us know its not the easiest thing to do between getting the family organised in the morning and yourselves to work which is why Doggy Day Care is a great option! Drop off your dog at our dog boarding kennels at All Seasons Pet Resort in the morning on the drive through to work and pick him/her up on your way home after an eventful days play within supervised social groups and you both get home ready to settle down and relax!

Our doggy day care is the best solution to an extremely frustrating problem! 

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