Key to Doggy Day Care Business Success

Doggy day care centres are growing in popularity throughout New Zealand. Many people dream of opening their own doggy day care centre but are unaware of all the costs and setup considerations involved. We highlight a few points to consider here when setting up a budget for your new business venture. 

As with any new business venture you should always consider your legal and business obligations. This is especially true when looking to start a doggy day care business. Permits from council's, insurance and making sure you have a reliable and competent team of people working with you to help ensure your new business will have its best shot at success. Gone are the days of a doggy day care that is filled with small kennels and restrictive spaces. Modern doggy day care centres found throughout the Auckland region have systems that allow the dogs ample move to play and socialise. Most dog daycares also place dogs of similar sizes together when it comes to playtime, small with small, large with large etc. Outside areas and overnight kennels should also be included in your plans for your doggy day care. 

It's not unusual for a doggy day care to stream live video footage of their centre out to owners for peace of mind, knowing that their dog is safe and sound. Obviously this is an added cost, but one that could bring your dog day care more business in the tech savvy world in which we live. Its important to remember that there are all sorts of doggy day care centres, every dog's owner has different needs and wants required from their respective dog daycare centres. Dog owners should understand how important finding the right doggy day care centre is, so as a doggy day care business owner you should have all your offerings clearly stated when advertising. As mentioned, doggy day cares are sprouting up all over the country. Advertising is important to get your business out there, and it also helps to define the services your business can offer. 

Whether it be overnight stays for dogs at the daycare, or that you perhaps have an on site veterinarian, any aspect that you feel puts your doggy daycare above the rest. All Season Pet Resort, based in Auckland, are a perfect example of a modern and well maintained doggy day care business. With overnight accommodation for your dog (or Cat!) and a plentiful area for your dog to mingle and socialise with other dogs. All Seasons Pet Resort in South Auckland also has an excellent local veterinary professional that is on call 24 hours a day, to ensure your pet is well looked after  should there be any need for medical assistance. 

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