Five Grooming Tips for the Dog that Escapes the Brush

You love your four-legged friend more than anything in the world, but that doesn’t mean keeping him nicely groomed is easy! While some dogs love getting pampered, others are far from compliant, hiding, growling and giving you sad puppy dog eyes throughout the entire grooming session. If you are struggling with matted fur, stubborn knots and an unhappy pup, follow these five tips for a well-groomed dog.

Consistency is key

Just as being consistent with your training is important to maintaining your pup’s good behaviour, it’s also necessary for dog grooming. If grooming is sporadic, your dog will be surprised and confused each time you bring out the brush and getting her to sit and stay will be a challenge. On the other hand, brushing your pup regularly and sticking to the same manner (we recommend cool, calm and collected!) tells her what to expect and the dog grooming session is far more likely to go well.

Short bursts

You don’t need to get all those knots out in one go – you and your dog will be far happier if you just work in short bursts. Have the de-shedding tools nearby and give your doggy a quick brush whenever possible, even five minutes is better than nothing. If she starts to get grumpy, don’t push too hard and let everyone take a break. This will make regular grooming more sustainable and keep you and your pup from getting frustrated.

Make it positive

You may not ever convert your dog into a fan of the brush, but you can make the experience as positive as possible. Do this by offering up plenty of goodies and dishing out plenty of praise. The more your pup associates being groomed with love, pats and liver treats, the more willing she will be to participate in the future.

Be spontaneous

If you have a dog, you know that they are awfully clever creatures. After just a few brushing or bathing sessions, your dog will wise up to your regular dog grooming antics. He will run off to his favourite hiding spot as soon as the clock strikes eight or as soon as you reach for the doggie drawer.

Keep one step ahead of him but being spontaneous. Move the location where you keep the brush and try giving him a bath at different times of the day. Your pup is more likely to cooperate when he doesn’t see the groom coming.  

Get the experts involved

Dog groomers know all the tricks of the trade. We know how to get your dog to cooperate, and we’ve got all the tools and equipment needed to make a groom as quick and enjoyable possible. We’ll get into all the tricky bits, from behinds their ears to those fast-growing nails.

Whether you want our dog groomers to complement your efforts or want to leave it up to the professionals completely, the experts at All Seasons are happy to help. We offer full grooms and maintenance trims, de-matting and nail clipping.

For professional dog grooming services in South Auckland, book an appointment at All Seasons Pet Resort today.

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