Caution for Owners as Dog Daycare Centres in Auckland Multiply

With the explosion of dog daycare centres in Auckland, pet owners are being urged to tread cautiously when it comes to selecting the best accommodation for their little loved ones. Doggy day care centres have become a phenomenon over the past 10 years, having risen out of the more traditional dog kennel industry. Doggie daycare shares several similarities with regular daycare for children. It fills a niche between multi-day kennel boarding and pet sitting, where the sitter comes to the pet’s home.

There are literally dozens of dog day care centres in Auckland however it’s important to realize that not all offer the same services or the same quality of services. For example, some doggy daycare centres provide a fully cage-free environment where dogs play under the full-time supervision of a trained staff member. Other facilities provide a cage free environment for dogs to adventure for part of the day and enclosed dog kennels for the rest of the day.

With many Auckland dog daycare businesses charging upwards of $20.00 per day, it’s advised that pet owners do some research and establish what these fees actually include. Many pet owners are drawn by the appeal of dog daycare centres for they can head away on holiday for days or weeks on end and rest easy knowing that their precious canines are receiving similar special one-on-one attention to what they receive at home.Some doggy daycare facilities even have built-in live webcams to provide dog and cat owners with reassurance that they are in good hands at all times during the day. A quality doggy daycare centre will ensure your dog interacts with the most suitable playmates. They will introduce them into the pack once they are properly settled in. Be sure to look for a facility that includes large exercise areas and ensure the daily routine provided is in line with your expectations.

All Seasons Pet Resort is one of the longest standing doggy day care centres in Auckland, having first started operating out of their South Auckland location in the 1960s. They also provide one of the top Auckland cattery facilities.

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